Changing Rooms, Changing Lives
The renovation is now complete so we would like to say a special thanks to each on the campaign sponsors. Read on below to find out about the innovation campaign and follow us on Social Media for regular updates on how the new hub is being used!












Working alongside Interior Designer Naomi Cleaver, YMCA Exeter’s ‘Changing Rooms, Changing Lives’ campaign completely renovated the bland and unhomely communal living space at its St David’s Hill accommodation centre. Over 50 young people currently call YMCA Exeter their home and it was our vision to create an engaging space with innovated design and creativity, so that the centre truly becomes a transformational and nurturing community hub.

Work took place during July 2017 at the St David’s Hill accommodation centre and we invited local businesses to be a part of our ambitious renovation. The project was supported by Attention Media, Burrington Estates, Kirkham Board, Expedite, Tuckers Hall, Amos Lighting, Pavillion Construction, Awcock Ward Partnership, Business @ Breakfast and Wilkinson Grant

YMCA Exeter provides over 18,000 nights of accommodation every year for young people who are facing homelessness. Whether they have experienced neglect, domestic violence or a family breakdown, we are passionate about equipping them with the tools they need to achieve economic independence and to contribute positively to society.

To find out more about how your business can stand alongside our young people and support our work email or ring our Fundraising team 01392 410530.











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