Become a friend
Monthly giving to the YMCA & homelessness

Why be a Friend?

YMCA Exeter empowers young people in their time of need to be the best that they can be. We are passionate about providing young people with a place to live and the opportunities they need to thrive. We are proud of our Christian heritage & identity and in enabling young people to develop their full potential in mind, body and spirit.

Friends of YMCA Exeter make a monthly donation towards the Housing & Support Services we provide. Friends of YMCA Exeter also receive membership to our monthly e-newsletter, opportunities to meet our residents and special invitations to supporters events throughout the year.

How monthly donations help us

Our young people need tailored support in finding meaningful job opportunities.

£5 per month could enable us to provide refreshments at one of our employment and training sessions.

Our young people often struggle with poor mental and physical health.

£15 per month could enable us to deliver wellbeing activities for them to make better lifestyle choices. 

Our young people have previously been homeless and lacked opportunities to live life to the full.

£50 per month could facilitate three peer support groups aimed at developing new skills, nurturing self confidence and making fruitful friendships. 

To become a Friend of YMCA Exeter and set up monthly giving either visit our JustGiving page or ring our Fundraising team on 01392 410530 to set up a CAF Direct Debit.

Please ring our fundraising team on 01392 410530 to become a friend through CAF Direct Debit.