Our young people repeatedly tell us that they do not feel prepared enough for work, which can often be exacerbated by them just not knowing where to start in looking. To help address this, as well as enabling young people to build their self-confidence, we have designed a brand new skills and enterprise programme.

This new workshop based programme gives young people practical employment advice as well as opportunities to put their learning into practice by delivering their own pop-up, micro, enterprises.

The ‘Connect’ programme, specifically designed for those coming out of homelessness or probation, has four stages, each one designed to connect young people with future employers alongside creating their own self-employment opportunities too:

STAGE 1 – Learning about financial planning, marketing, team building and workplace disciplines.

STAGE 2 – Work experience with local business partners.

STAGE 3 – Planning and delivering a pop-up enterprise.

STAGE 4 – Reviewing and evaluating the outcomes for future projects.

With the close support of our professional staff team, young people build evidence-based portfolios of how they help plan and deliver each pop-up enterprise, working towards an NOCN qualification in Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability.

To find out more about the Connect programme and whether your business might be offer to expert advice, please ring our team on 01392 410530 or email office@ymcaexeter.org.uk.

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