We know that for every person to reach their full potential, their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing is fundamental, so at YMCA Exeter we provide an exciting array of Health & Wellbeing activities. These activities help young people develop positive ways of coping with their health & wellbeing and also develop their skills so they can become more proactive citizens within society.

Our activities programme is open to all 51 residents of  YMCA Exeter as well as residents from other Supported Housing too. The exciting programme has weekly activities as well as residentials away to Dartmoor throughout the year. The activities include:

Arts & music, Football, Cooking, community meals, bike hub Singing, prayer groups, Christmas meals, rowing, fishing, crafts, zumba and baking. Each of the activities is optional to attend but residents are encouraged to get involved, make new friends and explore new things in their lives.

Some of the activities provide basic qualifications so that each resident can learn new skills and enhance their C.V to support their search for employment. Residents also get involved in leading some of the activities and choosing new ones that they enjoy.

Each resident can also meet for informal one to ones with our Health & Wellbeing programme leader who he trained to provide a listening ear to all residents who need to talk about the challenges they face.