Our groundbreaking Perspectives Project exists to empower, educate and mentor young men caught up in the Criminal Justice System. Our support aims to encourage participants to make positive choices and lead crime free futures. Our work is based on restoration through relationship and applies a bespoke person-centred approach to every individual we work with.

There are two key strands to our work:

Mentoring: In association with the local CRC, Working Links, we offer one to one mentoring support for young men on probation as part of their community order.

Learning: We run small group community based courses for ex-offenders that focus on personal and interpersonal skills. These courses are accredited through the National Open College Network.

Meaningful activity: Every week we run group activities that support young men as they re-integrate into the community as well as preparing them for work.

We believe whole heartedly in collaborative working across the community and we work closely with numerous other agencies on the development of a Criminal Justice Pathway at CoLab – Exeter’s new multi-agency wellbeing hub. (www.colabexeter.org.uk)

We are also actively involved in a number of capacity building and multi-agency initiatives including being members of the South West Mentor Alliance and on the organising committee for the annual Peninsula Prisons Conference.