We are the YMCA society for 2019-2020 and we work closely YMCA Exeter and other charities within Exeter to raise awareness of the issue of homelessness.
We aim to provide the university students with information about the homelessness and change people’s attitudes towards the injustice.
We also provide fundraising and volunteering opportunities to university students with the YMCA and we have social events where students can meet like-minded people who also want to make a difference.
We’d love for you to get involved, please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details!
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Meet the committee

Ben Fenton - President

Ben got involved with YMCA during first year when he was affected by the plight of the homeless in his new city.

Since joining YSoc, Ben spent his second year playing 5-a-side every Tuesday with residents of the YMCA sports group. In addition, Ben participated in the annual Sleep Easy and worked with Just Love Exeter to provide shoeboxes full of luxury presents for all 51 residents at the Y.

Ben was absent from Freshers week 2019 (something he feels very guilty about!) as he just returned from travelling Latin America after his third summer on a Salvation Army Camp in Colorado, USA.

Josh Parkin - Fundraising Sec

Josh is a second year physics student. He’s always felt strongly about homelessness and been interested in the causes and effects.

Last year, Josh volunteered for Just Love homeless breakfasts on Saturday mornings, and took part in Sleep Easy 2019, which inspired him to join YMCA committee.

He’s really keen at what can be done and what YMCA society can achieve this year! Most recently, Josh ran the Great West Run half marathon and raised over £200 for YMCA Exeter.

Saul Landrock - Volunteer Coordinator

Having moved to Exeter Uni from the Somerset countryside, Saul was struck by the staggeringly high number of people that were homeless or living on the streets. Trying and failing to volunteer and make a difference in his first year, he was fortunately introduced to the work of the Y by Ben Fenton in his second.

Being a member of the society last year Saul helped with the shoebox project and also took part in Sleep Easy. Feeling that this still isn’t enough he is determined this year to make more of a difference by integrating society members and volunteering with the various other homelessness charities around Exeter.

Emma Matthews - Publicity Sec

Emma is a second year studying Human Geography. She heard about the YMCA society last year through a friend and decided to get involved.

Emma’s desire to help the rough sleepers started when she went to Thailand in her gap year, where she assisted an organisation in their homelessness ministry.

On returning home, she was struck by just how many rough sleepers there were and began to help out with a local homeless organisation. When Emma came to Exeter, she decided she wanted to continue this and started to volunteer at YMCA Exeter’s cooking group.

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Henri Klimek - Treasurer

Henri joined YMCA this year as Treasurer. He had never heard of the society until his friend Emma (and honorary flat mate) suggested that he should take the position.

Henri enjoys the altruism and the exploration of the spiritual aspects of the people who work at YMCA to make Exeter a better place.

Henri is studying economics and hopes to use his skills to manage the finances and think of innovative fund raisers for the charity.

Aside from his course, Henri is a keen classical pianist and part of the Exeter Motorsport Society


Contact us directly by emailing Ben Fenton, bf290@exeter.ac.uk with the subject YMCA Society.