26 February 2020

Exeter YouTuber, Andy Robertson and YMCA Exeter are joining forces for a unique evening to confront the negative associations around gaming and help parents, carers, youth workers and teachers as they guide children towards making healthy gaming choices.

Andy Robertson, a journalist for the BBC, the Guardian, and the Telegraph is drawing on research and advice from his new book, Taming Gaming, to lead a session on Wednesday 4th March designed for parents, carers, youth workers and teachers.     

The event will run from 7-10pm at Belmont Chapel, Exeter and will equip guardians to make informed decisions about the games their children play. Book your ticket today.

Andy Robertson says:

‘Whether you’re a parent worried about the amount of screen time your child is having, or a youth worker wanting to engage with young people through gaming, this event is designed for you.’

The evening is a chance to take an unflinching look at the impact of gaming on children and family life. The content compiles the latest research and advice from psychologists, industry experts, parents, schools and children’s charities.

Si Johns, Joint CEO of YMCA Exeter, says:

‘YMCA Exeter is committed to working with children and young people and within that sphere it is important for us to understand the issues facing the younger generation. We want to help share knowledge about the best way to provide support and understanding to those that are involved in the gaming world.’

Designed for parents, youth workers, teachers and carers, this is a session for those who don’t play video games themselves (or who do play and want to find out more). You don’t need to know anything about games to come along and benefit but if gaming does concern you or you want to use gaming for positive interaction, then join us for a unique session on how to guide children to healthy video gaming.

Book your ticket today or call 01392 410530 for more information.