As a staff team, we are inspired by the example of Jesus Christ and motivated by our shared experience of God’s love and his transforming work within our own lives.

We are a member of the National Council of YMCAs in England and Wales and the continuing basis of the work and witness of the YMCA is expressed in the Paris Basis, as adopted by the delegates of the First World Conference in Paris in 1855:

“The YMCA seek to unite those young men and women who, regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Saviour, according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to be his disciples in their faith and in their life, and to associate their efforts for the extension of his Kingdom amongst young men.

Any differences of opinion on other subjects, however important in themselves, shall not interfere with the harmonious relations of the constituent members and associates of the World Alliance.”

We believe that every person is hugely valuable and ensure that our services are welcoming to people of all faiths or none and we want to see communities transformed into places characterised by love, joy, peace and hope so that young people can realise their potential and contribute within society. We offer young people the space they need to feel secure, respected, heard and valued and we stand up for young people, speaking out on issues that affect their lives.

Our current projects

Children's and youth services

  • Providing safe places where children and young people can make healthy friendships, have conversations about topics relavant to them and talk to trusted adults.

Offender rehabilitation

  • Empowering, educating and mentoring young men are caught up in the Criminal Justice System, we believe in restoration through relationship to unlock their God-given potential.

Supported Accommodation

  • A home is more than a building in which we live. It is a place where find stability, safety, encouragement, hope, rest and love. It is in this context we provide more than just housing for young people, we seek to give them a home.

Mental health and wellbeing

  • Building resilience in chidren and young people so they can cope mental health challenges, and move beyond coping to one day thriving.


Community Development

  • Supporting and equipping local churches and communities to develop activities and services that benefit everyone


  • Now in its seventh year, our internship placements give young adults practical, hands-on experience of working within the Christian charity sector.