Black History Month: A Statement by Mwaka Chulu

Looking Back to Build Forward History is a fascinating subject. It is made up of the stories we tell about our past and present.  It can be told from differing perspectives depending on who is telling the story because it is influenced by the ‘lens’ of the narrator. We often tell and hear stories from…



“You have to look back to look forward”

“Moments to pause and reflect are often elusive in our fast-paced busy lives, yet when we are intentional in stopping we are reminded of the huge blessings that surround us and the incredible hurdles God has already overcome. This isn’t a 21st-century issue, however. Many times in the Bible we read of God’s own people…



“I never knew my personality could be like a magnet to people”

Our amazing staff at YMCA Exeter work quietly behind the scenes, helping each young person to access the support they need and begin a journey of recovery. It’s rarely straightforward, but a gradual process of tiny steps forward. Jamie’s story of transformation is a wonderful reminder of how each staff member is essential for the…



Captain Tom 100 challenge inspires local people to raise money for YMCA Exeter

May bank-holiday weekend saw people from across Devon taking part in the Captain Tom 100 challenge to raise vital funds for YMCA Exeter’s work with local, young people.   From skating 100 laps of the Heavitree skatepark, to litter picking 100 pieces of litter around St David’s Hill, local people used their imagination and rose to the challenge.  …



Statement 24th March, 2021

We are deeply saddened to confirm that one of our residents was found unresponsive at our supported accommodation in Exeter earlier this afternoon and was confirmed deceased by the paramedics. The immediate family have been informed and police liaison officers are providing support at this extremely difficult time. As this has just happened, the cause…