3 June 2024

Superhero mum-of-three describes what it was like to train and run the London Marathon.
“I decided to run the London marathon because every year I watch it on the TV and think it looks like an amazing challenge.
The training was really hard. I ran mostly on my own and wasn’t much fun in the rain and cold during the winter. It also took up a lot of my time as every week I had to go for a long run building up to over four hours! But I was determined to do it and was always very happy once I was home.
I chose to raise money for YMCA mainly because I am aware of the amazing work they do here in Exeter and I wanted to give something back.
The day itself was brilliant. I was very nervous/excited and didn’t sleep much the night before I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. The weather was just right and I found the actual marathon much easier than the training. The crowds were fantastic and really helped get me around. I saw my family three times too which was lovely. My son loved watching and would like to run it one day too.
It’s definitely one of my greatest achievements. I am very grateful to the YMCA for giving me the opportunity to run and I am very proud to have raised nearly £1,500 for them.”