20 October 2021

“Moments to pause and reflect are often elusive in our fast-paced busy lives, yet when we are intentional in stopping we are reminded of the huge blessings that surround us and the incredible hurdles God has already overcome.

This isn’t a 21st-century issue, however. Many times in the Bible we read of God’s own people forgetting what God has done for them. Yet we also see great examples of times when they did stop – sometimes they built memorials to remember the blessing (like the time the Israelites built piles of stones to remind them of being taken out of Egypt).

November marks the 175th birthday of YMCA Exeter and we are pausing to look back over those years, to reflect on His faithfulness and to remember the impact this organisation has had over that time on the lives of thousands upon thousands of people.

As we do this we are encouraged and motivated to also look forward to what is yet to come. We’re excited to welcome new staff members to the team this month and over the next few. We are full of anticipation for the difference that Sidwell Studios will make to many young people’s lives, especially as the building is now starting to resemble a home rather than a construction site.

And more than anything we’re thankful that we are able to play our small and short part in God’s long-term plan for the work of YMCA Exeter. Here’s to the next 175 years.”

Gareth Sorsby, YMCA Exeter Joint CEO