We hope that the below will be useful to help you share the news of the proposed Devon County Cuts.

Devon County Council is proposing to cut funds to 18+ homelessness servicesIf this goes ahead, YMCA Exeter will lose over £157,000 per year in funding and the consequences for vulnerable young adults will be huge:   

  • Over 100 young adults could continue to face homelessness every year. Exeter County Council would be responsible for finding them beds.
  • Over 100 young adults every year could no longer have access to tailored wellbeing support, unable to move beyond their circumstances and thrive again.  
  • Without the essential prevention measures YMCA Exeter provides, Devon County Council could find themselves covering an average bill of over £924,000 a year in adult social care costs, rather than the current £157,000 they give to YMCA Exeter.
  • The knock-on effect of removing preventative care increases the burden on the police, our hospitals and our mental health services.  

Cutting this preventative funding to YMCA Exeter will end up costing Devon more in the long run. We believe that cutting this £157,000 per year will cost Devon £1.8 million per year. YMCA Exeter provides incredibly good value for its work: just over £35 per resident per week which means 100 young people every year can receive tailored, supported care as they come out of homelessness or dangerous situations and establish themselves, – surrounded by the support of a loving community to move forward. This supported care includes employment advice, training programmes, enrichment activities, support with emotional and physical wellbeing, money advice, debt management and safe spaces to explore faith and spirituality.

Please make your view count today and let Devon County Council know that this funding cut should not go ahead.  The consultation closes on Wednesday 19th April. Thank you.

Please share this with your local community.