YMCA Exeter join Exeter City Council in pilot work experience programme

Monday 9th April, 2018  Six young residents from YMCA Exeter were invited to spend a time a day at the Civic Centre to pilot a new programme which aims to introduce homeless people into employment at the Council. YMCA Exeter has existed in Exeter since 1846 and we provide services in Supported Accommodation, Training and…



The benefits of routine

In our final training video for The Monster Race, we meet YMCA resident Alex who discusses the benefits of routine, exercise and healthy living in his life.



Meet Zaq!

Training for the Monster Race, which was unfortunately postponed due to poor snowditions (see what we did there!?), has been so busy over the past few weeks that we’ve been a bit late in posting our vlogs! However, a few weeks ago we met Zaq, a YMCA resident who has been determined to use Monster…




At this week’s Monster Run Training Session we sat down with Paul Little, Personal Trainer with Active Life Fitness… Affectionately known as ‘ALF’! For the past year Paul has ran fitness sessions for residents living at YMCA Exeter, inspiring them to live a healthier lifestyle and make wise choices when it comes to food and…



Why bother!?

Welcome to Week 2 of our ‘Monster Race’ video diary! This week we sat down with our Health & Activities Facilitator, Tim Wells, to find out the importance of motivation and what’s on the agenda for training week 2. On Saturday 17th March, four young residents from the YMCA are taking part in the ‘Winter…



Are you a monster in training?

On Saturday 17th March, four young residents from the YMCA are taking part in the ‘Winter Monster Race’, one of the South West’s Best Obstacle Courses and Mud Runs. As part of the challenge at Escot Park, residents have embarked on an eight-week fitness programme led by our Activities Co-ordinator, Tim Wells. The aim of…